August 28, 2013


When all of the members of your family live in different cities, or in our case even countries, it's always nice to see them. Usually my hubs and I go to my hometown which is only 4-hours-of-train-ride away to see my family, but this time mom and little sister decided to visit us in Moscow.
And this is our first day together:
* Наша семья раскидана не только по городам, но и даже по странам, поэтому увидеть родственников - всегда большая радость. Обычно мы с мужем ездим в Ярославль, который всего в 4-х часах езды от Москвы. Но в этот раз мама и мелкая (сестренка) решили приехать сами.
И вот наш первый день вместе:
Yup.... I did talk him into riding this thing =)))

August 22, 2013


Have you ever thought about the fact that friendship between guys is soooo much better???))))

Back when I was a kid I secretly wanted to be a boy cuz I wanted to have that kind of friendship ))) I've always been a tomboy, so no wonder why )))

This kind of friendship has all kinds of awesome:
  • You can be absolutely open with each other
  • You can make fun of each other without offending
  • You can hit each other and play a fight just for fun
  • Your best friend will most likely be your life-long friend
  • And tons of many other things....
Lately I had a chance to recall the perks of friendship between men )))
I read a book by Marc Levy called "Mes amis, mes amours". It's both a touching and hilarious story about two Frenchmen living in London: best friends, both divorced, and each raising a kid. They remembered their childhood dream to live under one roof, so they gave it a try =)

See what it turned into reading the book! I smiled all the time reading it, shed a tear and decided that from now on Marc Levy is certainly gonna be one of my favorite authors.

August 18, 2013


No no no....I don't think I will ever be a fashion blogger.. I'm just not that chic or stylish...But I admit that probably sometimes I'll pretend to be one..Like today )))
Why not??)))
T-shirt - Pull & Bear
Skirt - Camaieu
Shoes - H&M

So... how was it???)))Not that bad for a first time, huh??)))

And now I'm calling out to all of the fashion bloggers around the world... HOW DO YOU DO IT???)))))
Seriously...Finding the right pose and still looking absolutely natural is a talent!!!

August 16, 2013


Well, hello there!!

Today I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about blogging and starting fresh )))

Do you have a blog?? Is it your first blog?? Have you ever thought that your blogging process has become a boring routine not bringing any joy??

Well...That happened to me.
I've run my In The Pursuit Of Inspiration blog for 4 years and the last couple years I felt that it was kind of a burden for me.
I felt like I kept on writing a neverending boring book. And that's how an idea of starting a new blog came to my mind.

Here are a few turning points that made me start this new blog:

1. Big changes in life
2. Lack of inspiration and fresh feelings
3. A need for a change (dying my hair red didn't help) =))))
4. A hope to find blogger friends
5. Attempt to document my life in a better and more positive when I look back I can say that I had a wonderful time
6. More motivation
7. Absolutely new and fresh enthusiasm
8. A hope I can be interesting and entertaining )))
9. A wish to prove myself I can do/find/get all of the above )))
10. It's not a secret I do stupid things by accident... Well... By accident I deleted all of the pictures I had on my last blog... Everything I loaded starting from good old 2009.. Looooooser!!! *cough* *cough* =)))

And you know what??? This feeling I have right now starting this new blog is fantastic ))

And why do YOU blog??

Fresh Start -> New Blog

Why starting a new blog?? least for a change )))

I've been a blogger since...hhhmmm....Let me think...2008 or so...I've never had tons of readers but blogging has always been a great hobby of mine that I always find my way back to ))))

This is my new blog, my new space to share thoughts, tons of pictures and  joy.

So...Come join )))
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