August 22, 2013


Have you ever thought about the fact that friendship between guys is soooo much better???))))

Back when I was a kid I secretly wanted to be a boy cuz I wanted to have that kind of friendship ))) I've always been a tomboy, so no wonder why )))

This kind of friendship has all kinds of awesome:
  • You can be absolutely open with each other
  • You can make fun of each other without offending
  • You can hit each other and play a fight just for fun
  • Your best friend will most likely be your life-long friend
  • And tons of many other things....
Lately I had a chance to recall the perks of friendship between men )))
I read a book by Marc Levy called "Mes amis, mes amours". It's both a touching and hilarious story about two Frenchmen living in London: best friends, both divorced, and each raising a kid. They remembered their childhood dream to live under one roof, so they gave it a try =)

See what it turned into reading the book! I smiled all the time reading it, shed a tear and decided that from now on Marc Levy is certainly gonna be one of my favorite authors.


  1. I like you as a girl :) And I'm still obsessed with you blonde....and so is the man who is creeping on me as I write this from our hostel ;)

  2. I also like Marc levy :) I have most of his books!!!


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