August 16, 2013


Well, hello there!!

Today I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about blogging and starting fresh )))

Do you have a blog?? Is it your first blog?? Have you ever thought that your blogging process has become a boring routine not bringing any joy??

Well...That happened to me.
I've run my In The Pursuit Of Inspiration blog for 4 years and the last couple years I felt that it was kind of a burden for me.
I felt like I kept on writing a neverending boring book. And that's how an idea of starting a new blog came to my mind.

Here are a few turning points that made me start this new blog:

1. Big changes in life
2. Lack of inspiration and fresh feelings
3. A need for a change (dying my hair red didn't help) =))))
4. A hope to find blogger friends
5. Attempt to document my life in a better and more positive when I look back I can say that I had a wonderful time
6. More motivation
7. Absolutely new and fresh enthusiasm
8. A hope I can be interesting and entertaining )))
9. A wish to prove myself I can do/find/get all of the above )))
10. It's not a secret I do stupid things by accident... Well... By accident I deleted all of the pictures I had on my last blog... Everything I loaded starting from good old 2009.. Looooooser!!! *cough* *cough* =)))

And you know what??? This feeling I have right now starting this new blog is fantastic ))

And why do YOU blog??

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